The Unitas Way

Our unique methodology guides how we provide strategic media consulting to our clients.

Our Methodology

We use an advisory methodology with a versatile cross-disciplinary approach. Our in-house team consists of several leading scholars which gives us an extra layer of analysis that goes beyond traditional consulting. At Unitas, we provide around-the-clock support that our clients trust to inform their most important decisions.


Going ‘Local’

Experience has shown us that significant regional trends affect policymaking and the political calculations of organizations and the industries they operate in. What sets us apart are the relationships we have built with local political and business leaders over the years providing us an access to exclusive data and insights.

Strategic Storytelling

At Unitas, we guarantee the results. This is why we have worked with some of the world’s leading organizations. With our data mapping, we will deliver a comprehensive risk assessment for our clients, providing them a step-by-step guide on their next steps. With our strategic thinking and storytelling, we offer our clients insights to make the right predictive decisions.